AusGroupAGC - An AusGroup Company

AusGroup provides a range of fabrication & manufacturing, construction and integrated services to natural resource development companies.

Plant + Equipment

AGC’s workshops are equipped with modern steel processing and fabrication equipment.

Equipment includes:

  • CNC machines used for the processing of plate
  • CNC automatic beam drilling and sawing line for processing of hot rolled steel sections
  • A CNC pipe profiling machine utilised for the geometric development and cutting of pipe
  • A multifunctional Robotic Gantry that has the ability to weld and cut beams and profile pipes
  • Modern CNC sheet metal developing and profile cutting machines are also employed in the insulation and cladding workshops
  • Pipe cutting/bevelling machines

AGC provides welding of an extremely high standard and through the use of modern welding equipment, AGC is able to deliver both high quality and high productivity.

The fabrication facilities are also equipped with semi-automatic and manual welding plant including submerged arc (SAW), STT, TIG, GMAW, FCAW and MMAW.

Specialist Fabrication Equipment includes:

Structural Workshops

  • Anca 2000 and PlateMaster CNC Profile Cutting Machine. The Anca 2000 and PlateMaster CNC controllers plate cutting machine with two separate cutting gantries are fitted with both plasma and oxy-fuel cutting heads to allow large plates to be stripped ready for fabrication
  • Ficep TIPOA31 Plate Processing Machine. A new Ficep plate processing machine with plasma, oxy-fuel, drilling and milling capabilities. This machine is primarily intended for automatic production of small plate fittings
  • Ficep 1203DJB Beam Line. A new Ficep Beam drilling and sawing line with the capacity to automatically drill saw and mitre cut beams and sections up to 1,200mm wide
  • Ficep CNC angle cropping and punching line capable of processing angles up to 150mm x 150mm x 16mm thick
  • Plate Rolls - one 3,000mm wide x 20mm thickness capacity
  • Presses - one brake press and two pedestal presses
  • Guillotine - one guillotine capable of cutting 2mm to 16mm in thickness

Piping & Vessel Workshops

  • Magnatech Pipeliner II (Automatic Flux Core Orbital Welding System). A portable automatic pipe welding machine that performs multi-pass orbital flux core welding (FCAW) to pipes ranging from 6 to 60 inches
  • Protem CTA (Automatic Pipe Cutting and Bevelling Machines). Combines cutting and bevelling simultaneously of pipes ranging from 2 to 30 diameter inches of all pipe grades and composition including Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex. The machines
  • are installed with two cutting lines with conveyors in feed and storage tables
  • Numerous new pipe and vessel manipulators, positioners and rotators ranging from 1 to 100 tonne capacity
  • Two large welding booms fitted with Submerged Arc Welding Equipment

Other Major Equipment

Other major equipment includes several forklifts, two 20 tonne semi trailers, CNC and automatic coil unwinding machine, cutting and profiling machine, rollers and forming machines, mobile trailer mounted pressure testing and recording equipment and a 90 tonne lift truck.

Large cranes (10, 20, 50, 85, 90 tonne and 250 tonne capacity), numerous ablution and site offices, boom lifts, side booms, track loaders, semi trailers, mobile sandblasting and spray painting plant, tool containers, numerous welding machines, cutting equipment, compressors, generators, various assembly and lifting aids for piping and tank construction.