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AusGroup provides a range of fabrication & manufacturing, construction and integrated services to natural resource development companies.

Our Facilities (Australia)

In Australia, we offer fabrication facilities and an industrial area exceeding 80,000 square metres. This allows multiple areas to be designated and set up for specific projects.

AGC’s Kwinana facility, located 30km south of Perth, offers six large fabrication bay areas totaling 14,052 square metres. Over 30,000 square metres of uncovered area is available for use as laydown storage and assembly areas.

Kwinana Fabrication Facilities


WorkShop 1
Bay number Dimensions (m) Area (m2) Fittings
Bay 1
Special Products
19 x 159 3,021 4 x 10 tonne EOH cranes with lift under hook of 8m
Bay 2
19 x 116   2,204  5 x 10 tonne EOH cranes with lift under hook of 8m
Bay 3
23 x 63  1,450  1 x 10 tonne EOH crane with lift under hook of 8m
Bay 4
Special Products
19 x 183  3,477  2 x 20 tonne EOH crane with lift under hook of 9m
Bay 5
Special Products
 14 x 21 300  1 x 5 tonne EOH crane with lift under hook of 8m
Workshop 2
Bay 1
CS Piping
20 x 90  1,800
covered facility
3 x 10 tonne gantry cranes with a height under crane hook of 9m
Bay 2
SS Piping 
20 x 90    1,800
covered facility 
3 x 10 tonne gantry cranes with a height under crane hook of 9m
Ancillary and office areas
Area (m2)
Welding School   n/a Training and testing bays to cater for up to 10 welders
Hydrotesting  250 
Dedicated under cover facility
Radiographic Testing 2,000 Pre-NDT and inspection laydown area 1 x 5 tonne portal gantry crane
Insulation Workshop 300 Computerised sheet metal cutting, forming, folding and processing equipment
Offices and annexes 2,500 Undercover facilities
General workshops n/a variety of plant and welding equipment, fully reticulated with power, oxy /LPG and welding gases
Storage areas n/a Dedicated areas are set up for specific projects to suit the material receipt, storage and control and work flow processes
Australian Marine Complex - Common User Facility

For heavy structure assembly and construction AGC has a long term lease agreement with the Western Australian Land Authority for the dedicated use of the 4,800 square metre fabrication facility containing a 150 and 50 tonne portal cranes and associated offices at the Common User Facility, Australian Marine Complex in Henderson, Western Australia.

The facility has access direct access to the 3,000 tonne and 15,000 tonne load out wharves to facilitate load out of completed heavy structures onto transportation barges and heavy lift vessels (HLVs).