We aim to achieve peer excellence in everything we do.

AusGroup has developed a HSE strategy that is a roadmap for the continuous development and improvement of HSE within the AusGroup Management System.

AusGroup strives to be a leader in all aspects of business and in particular the discipline of HSE.

The HSE system has been developed and improved with a simple aim – to provide value to end users – our employees.

Our comprehensive safety systems are built on a foundation of OHSAS 18001-2007 and AS/NZ 4801.

Our management system is integrated within all areas of operations throughout Australia and South East Asia and we continually look to develop and embrace initiatives and technology to facilitate end user satisfaction. People are the key and we look to develop our personnel to enable them to make choices that deliver positive outcomes.

Perfect Day is an initiative that moves away from the traditional mindset of health and safety to a dynamic and positive approach that is focused on delivering excellence in safety performance one day at a time.

A day when there are zero injuries or incidents, there is no harm to the environment and all of our employees return home in the same condition in which they arrived is the definition of a Perfect Day.

The Perfect Day initiative was developed from feedback from our employees who felt the aspiration of safety performance could be achieved one day at a time. It is a goal and aspiration that all our employees can believe in.

The program is designed to change behaviours and allow us to explore more effective ways to manage hazards and risks within our working environments. This will deliver a reduction in the number and severity of injuries and illness across the Group.

Perfect Day also builds awareness that the choices we make at work ultimately impact on our families and personal activities.

The AusGroup Leadership team plays a critical role in the success of the Perfect Day program. This is undertaken through open and transparent processes and high levels of engagement and encouragement that facilitates an immediate and positive impact for all employees.

Our leaders strive to develop a constructive leadership style to allow self enhancing thinking and behaviours, development of relationships and delivery of key performance measures.


AusGroup Environmental, Community and Corporate Social Resonsibility Policy.pdf

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