We believe that Quality doesn’t cost - it pays.

Providing quality of service starts with our people, and we are committed to developing a competent and highly motivated workforce that is united in delivering performance excellence. To drive this, the company’s strategic goals, values and expectations have been communicated to all of our employees to ensure alignment and belief of our shared vision.

Our people are accountable to follow the documented work processes available in our Management System. AGC and MAS Australasia have achieved certification to ISO 9001:2008 and continue to drive and challenge our people and processes for improvements. As a result a dedicated team has been formed to identify how we can do our jobs better, and to improve our fabrication efficiency to be more competitive with our overseas counterparts.

Work has begun on the development of a peer leading management system incorporating technology and innovation which will set the standard for our Enterprise Resource Planning.

The effort and enthusiasm of our people combined with a robust Management System will drive our execution to deliver on our commitment of performance excellence in everything we do.