AusGroupAGC - An AusGroup Company

AusGroup provides a range of fabrication & manufacturing, construction and integrated services to natural resource development companies.

Why Us?

You have probably heard a lot of companies claiming to be ‘employers of choice’ or that people are their ‘organisations most important asset’. 

At AGC we take statements like these seriously, very seriously!

Yes it’s something we aspire to, but it is not something we would ever be so arrogant to claim on our website. We know that only our employees can grant us the honour of using the words ‘employer of choice’.

But here is what we will say: AGC employees are our most valuable resource, the relationships we have internally with fellow staff, our clients and our partners and suppliers that make our value proposition different and better than our competition.
The importance of our people is even written into our strategic plan; in other words, our approach and passion to people starts at the CEO’s office, not the HR department!

Our ultimate goal is leadership in the way we recruit, retain, develop and remunerate our people both professionally and personally. We want you to be the best you can at ‘work’ and be the best you can in your ‘private’ life too! Yes it’s a lofty aspiration - but it’s real.
We value performance. We value personal accountability and team responsibility. We value commitment to our goals and aspirations. We value the courage to make tough decisions when we need to.
Right now we are a 2,135* strong team covering our Australian and South East Asian operations. This is your invitation to join us and help create the best people company ever. 

*As at 30 June 2011